Strategic Plan


Organized approach to engaging Region 7 OT practitioners to participate in activities that will promote the advancement of practice within the region. 

          Goal to date:



Provide a multi-faceted educational approach to promote best practice, mentor new graduates, mentor for new practice areas, and transition to new roles. 

          Goal to date:

               - Choose an online portal that will house online webinars, create CoL, and store online resources for 

                   the local practitioners. 


Increase awareness of issues and mobilize people for action for the community we serve in terms of social justice as well as the practitioners in the local area. 

          Goals to date: 

               - Have at least 3 issues posted within the year that we can bring to the practitioners.

               - Establish student contingency for legislative action: requires training on how to speak to a legislator 

                   and then go out in teams and speak to legislators.


Provide the local practitioners an opportunity to exchange ideas, share resources, and current trends within their area of practice.  

          Goal to date: 

               - Conduct breakout sessions at the Legislative Social and other events and then they could sign up for